GENERATION Z: It’s like a Millennial on Steroids

I was sitting on a bus in Berlin while browsing my Instagram feed, minding my own business and the business of my online friends, when suddenly the atmosphere felt like a high school gymnasium. As we approached the bus stop, the bus was filled with teenagers all talking and laughing with each other, while texting their group chats, and browsing their social media timelines, simultaneously listening to music, and also creating insta-stories and snap-stories. Oh and let’s not forget- they were also tagging their friends in these, while adding new friends online.

Marketers, meet Generation Z.
Your coolest, tech-savvy, globally connected-est, most technical marketing challenge to date.

This generation was born generally between the years of 1996-2010. They’re considered to be the millennials on steroids. Unlike their predecessor, Generation Z was born with the existence of the internet, computers, smartphones and social media. Currently they make up approximately 17% of the American population with a purchasing power of $44 billion- so they’re worth paying attention to!

Even though I’m a millennial, it was quite a task for me to “advertise” to this generation. After studying this generation in great extent, here are my top pointers to keep in mind when marketing to this tech-savvy and “super-cool” audience.

  1. They are great multitaskers with a very short attention span.
    Let me be clear- saying that Gen Z has a short attention span is not and should not be taken as an insult. Marketers need to be efficient enough to get into that small attention span. Without being efficient, and attention grabbing, your message will not be heard or will be phased out by the other digital noise presenting themselves to the audience. Your advertising efforts should be in & out, and able to get the job done right.
  2. They’re a GLOBAL group.
    Connected teenagers from around the world automatically have a lot more in common than those of a previous generation. They all share the same entertainment and joy from social media, apps and technology, they immediately bond over this. Hence marketers need to take advantage of mainstream, trendy topics and themes. The risk however- it’s short lived, thanks to their attention span. Welcome to the new game!
  3. They support brands that are loyal to them.
    Traditionally, brands sought loyal customers. Now, customers of this generation look for brands to be loyal to them. A company’s loyalty can range from similar moral and social ethics, to online interaction. Before, taking the time to have a conversation showed that you cared for someone. Today, this group values someone’s compassion & care as tags, likes, comments or shares. If marketers want loyal customers, they need to be loyal to their customers. Online interaction is a simple and integral way to connect to this generation.

Stay tuned to my follow-up blog as I provide more tips and insight on Gen Z!

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